Sterilise Your Dog Now

Thousands of unwanted dogs are abandoned at shelters each year in Australia. Many more are dumped in areas where their likely fate is death by accident, starvation, disease or from predators. The numbers escalate over the Christmas and Easter periods when 'owners' choose to abandon their animals rather than arrange alternative accomodation for them while they are away, or puppies given as Christmas presents lose their 'cute and cuddly' appeal and are discarded. Many animals end up at animal shelters and if no homes are found for them, through no fault of their own, they are killed.

If you choose to breed your dog, you cannot control the way that the new owners will treat the puppies. Nor can you control whether the owner will keep the puppy or tire of it and eventually abandon it. And what about when your puppies start to have puppies? The cycle is never ending.

The most sensible way to avoid an excess of unwanted animals is to sterilise (de-sex) them. This also avoids distress when the young are taken from their mother.

Early age desexing is now widely accepted by both veterinarians and animal welfare organisations. Studies which track the health of dogs and cats desexed at early age have shown no adverse effects.