Sponsor A Dog

Renting a house and not allowed to own a dog?

No backyard or house too small for a dog?

Work long hours and don't have the time to care full time for a dog?

If you are not in a position to home a dog but would like to walk a dog, take one with you on special outings or just come and visit a dog on a regular basis. Why not think about sponsoring a dog?

For $5 per fortnight you will receive a photograph of one of our dogs with the history of how the dog came to be at the Haven. We will notify you when the dog finds a home and allocate another dog if you wish. Of course, we will be delighted for you to come and see your new friend, take him or her for a walk and bring little treats for your friend to munch when you are not around.

If you would like to sponsor a haven dog, please drop into the Haven between 11am and 3pm on any day of the week, except Mondays.